by Our Mighty Heart

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All tracks performed by Our Mighty Heart and recorded live at Ways Home Records.


released June 25, 2011

Performed and arranged by Lisa Stocking, Alexander Webb,
Andrew Maslowsky, & Brandon Vick. [Our Mighty Heart]

"Goodbye Lover," "Only Five," and "Wide Awake" are Our Mighty Heart originals.



all rights reserved


Our Mighty Heart Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Only Five
Screen-door thunderstorm standing
High-tide of the wind
At its highest point
Of rumbling

I was miniscule
Among the raindrops I was a fool
I was only five
There was terror in the sky
And it was clear to me
That the powers that be
Were beyond what I could see

I was only five
Transcendental fireflies
And the white of the bench
In my mother’s garden
And the sun in my face
And the Queen Anne’s Lace

I’m all fire
I’m all blaze
I won’t dim the light
In any of this rage

Cuz when the water starts to swell
And I feel and I feel, I feel that I might not be well
Well it’s you, yea it’s you
That keeps on getting me through

Sleep-touch thunderstruck rambling
I believe in this
In the lightning bolts when we kiss
It was always you
That feeling I was getting to
I was twenty-five and afraid to fly
And I tried to hide from what I knew in your eyes

I’m not wasting time
No I’m not waiting anymore
Gonna walk through that door
Tell you what I came here for

Cuz when the water starts to swell
And I feel and I feel, I feel that I might not be well
Well it’s you, yea it’s you
That keeps on getting me through

Screen-door thunderstorm standing
High tide of the wind
Track Name: Wide Awake
Oh, our minds are racing now
I’m fakin like i’m sleepin and your breath gives way, your wide awake
but so far this old penance paid in full leaves me
shackled to the pain of doubt, my crippled soul cant search you out
no more than rain could spark this fire
not two days ago we blew and blew and made it glow

through the eddies and the currents
are we bound to find our way
when not a single answer’s
curing troubled minds can we create
all our lovers might have left us
but they’re light was only hid
be patient now, just search they eyes and listen in:

if you can hear a heart beat
all in spite a long time
we could both be home

Are these memories fading now?
in our days we mute the playful minds,
the fools mistook hope as a lie
‘so long’ we say under shaded way so lost daydreaming
but sick and poor will give you more
than cross street wisdom and iron bars
for who we hold in life’s found in the stray, so lend a
hand on through as if it’s you
who’s bound to the threads of cruelest chance

once again we face th’ darker days
this money trap just holds us back, watchin daylight fade’s the damnedest waste
one blink, the colors fade it all seems lost, but keep lookin
up and know we’re tied to what we sow, the notes pass on they’re never
lost behind these eyes weep melody so anxious
never had you so many, many miles away